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Nick Padilla - Vice President/ Project Manager/ Field Superintendent

Nick Padilla

Nick Padilla has been in the commercial electrical field for 20 years. He began his career at the age of 18 where he started as an apprentice for an electrical sub-contractor in Southern Colorado.  Nick quickly picked up the skills of the trade and decided that he wanted to proceed further.  He attended the IEC program to gain knowledge and learn more about the electrical field.  He was quickly promoted to a foreman position within his 3rd year and took on the stressful responsibilities that many could not do of leading, training, and guiding men to run major commercial projects.  He then received his journeymen license where he was able to run and complete large projects ranging anywhere from $100,000 to 6 million dollar jobs.  Every job that Nick ran was completed on time and every schedule was met.  With Nick’s knowledge of the industry, well-managed time schedules, and quality of work on the job, he developed relationships with general contractors and customers that requested him to be the foreman of their projects. They knew with him running their job, the work would be done right, on time, and they would be getting the best for their buck.  Nick also pursued on receiving his Master’s License as he joined partnership with Gonzales Electric, LLC

These two men knew that they could provide more to customers based on relationships they created over the years of providing good quality, honest work by becoming partners and opening their own business.  Together they worked hand in hand with each other over 20 years and possess the same qualities of dedication, determination, and pride in their work.  They know the meaning of hard work, from digging trenches and laying pipe to overseeing men and managing multi-million dollar projects.  With their qualities and experience combined, these two men have created a team that will provide customers with the absolute best!